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About us

ITExperts is a Software and Hardware Solutions provider. Building on its long-established foundation of business-to-consumer (B2C) distribution & reselling, IT Experts has set itself a three to five year target of becoming one of Saudi Arabia’s most recognized brand names, and a key player in a burgeoning market replete with untapped opportunities – that of business-to-business-to consumer (B2B2C) distribution.

ITExperts is a Saudi company that provides Value Added IT Products, Services & Solutions which allow our customers to perform and accomplish their advance thinking and latest technology business activities in a fast, reliable, secure and cost effective manner.

Our Mission Our Vision

With the help of Allah the Almighty and Exalted, we want to provide Middle East advance business products and services to strengthen   technology culture with excellence, boost business sectors and support the humanity to grow. The three statements below in Mission will help the organization deliver the value back to fulfill the Vision:


  • Be the trusted technological adviser across all business sectors
  • Be the leader to promote standards and best business practices
  • Continue to grow the presence in the Middle East region to address the IT needs and requirements of the businesses, organizations and government operations

Become the leader in the Middle East Information Technology sector guide the market with honesty, innovation, advance technology, star services and expert resources deals with best known International Technology Providers, which lead us to provide unique and best IT Solutions to our valued Customers in all over Saudi Arabia.



With Allah’s help in 2011, it was a young high school student, Mohammad, who envisioned to start a business of his own in clothing or toys industry by importing from China to the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. After graduating, the idea matured up as Mohammed consulted with a family member who joined him to start IT Hardware supply company. In 2012, with the help of Allah the Mighty and Majestic, ITExperts was registered as a legal entity and the team moved into their office in March 2012. With Allah’s help within the same month, the company secured its first order through Misbah Group to supply and install Servers and UPS systems at Dammam border control office. An order close to 100,000 riyals set the mark for success for the company and the upward progression.


Within two months of starting, the relative partner of Mohammad left the company for other interests leaving the young entrepreneur behind to take the company to the next level. Mohammed along with his brother, Ahmad, worked hard to raise the sales of the company and they were successful in becoming suppliers of large companies such as Misbah Group, Tatweer International, Electric House, Forevision, Rolako, Tadco, Krimmly Group, Bahra Cables, and Cristal Global along with others.

Back at the local masjid in early 2012, Mohammed met an energetic fellow who was doing Electro-Mechanical business. The discussions between the two led ITExperts bring Mohammad Zeeshan Khan as the Business Development Manager of the company in July of 2012. Within the first year of operation, with the help of Allah the all Mighty and Majestic and then the hard work of the entire team brought clients such as IKEA, Hill Metal, Al-Salem Johnson Control, Hasoub, Sunshine, Budget Car Rental, Lazeez Flavors, Green Line Company, ICAD, etc. to the portfolio of ITExperts closing the year with 1 million in sales. By this time, the company was doing Hardware and Electro-Mechanical business and was looking to expand into Software Solutions.

With Allah’s help in January of 2013 on a trip to Masjid Al Haraam in Makkah, Mohammad ran into Abdul Ahad and Faisal who were visiting from USA for Umrah and to network with businesses in the area. The two individuals were professionals in the Software industry with vast knowledge and experience. They were doing software development projects in USA and UAE and were interested to move their operation into Saudi Arabia. Knowing the demand for enterprise level applications in the Saudi industry, Mohammad grabbed the opportunity and in a few months of time started a joint-venture and added a Software Division under ITExperts’ umbrella taking the company in a new direction.

With Allah’s help and then all the growth in the business and ITExperts’ resources, the management has placed the company towards achieving its goals to fulfill its Vision. With the right partners in place, ITExperts is forecasting to close 5 Million in sales for 2013 which is a 500% growth within a year time.

And all praises are for Allah the all Mighty and Majestic Who is to be worshiped alone without any partners.